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information about me

biography coming [soon] for now, please enjoy: artist-statement 1.666 beta version 2; READER-VIEW *encouraged, for reading 📖 + beyond

I always wanted to be in a band (backup signer, no instrument) and I always wanted to be an Olympic medaling-female figure skater. I’m dead serious, I have 3 sisters and 0 brothers—You do the maths; I make this art, not because: I want to or to be a part of inside baseball ny circle-jerks. and despite rumor, I’m no masochist. Someone called me a baby once and I agree. Personally, the accepted canon and violent vocabulary and chemical process and cost* of, my college major: (photography) have begun to loose their* charms*; I’m broke. In hindsight (photography), I see art school as: personal, life altering financial blunder affecting my family and our dignity. A pipe dream*: meant for the wealthy and leisure driven (not a bad thing-would if I could) mistakenly scholarship-shipped to yours truly (2003, those were the days). We are not wealthy, only naive and maybe too trusting. 20|20 hindsight isn’t a funny irony my family reflect on over Irish bread and tea. It was 2003 and precessions and we still had hope. Perhaps my expectations of of a sentimental education we overly ambitious but I did have a wicked blast and have priceless knowledge and hopefully, someday, wisdom. You eat tide-pods and my air conditioning, when in service, is window unit. As my works refines and takes its place And shape (when printing budgets allow) it will not be for sale. This is not a potential financial yuppie investor portfolio. my work is for my community at no cost or monetary exchanges if they’ll have me. Art is for the people who need it, this isn’t our hobby. Deal with it, we’re in debt for it. This is a (fine) artists statement, i.e. drunk on nostalgia resuming grant proposing (performance) I resent having to make. Oh yeah, i’m mentally ill (professional diagnostics), among other things and that’s not for you amusement. 🙃

This isn’t funny, ironic, sarcastic, manic or delusional. I went to art school and have an educational debt over $100,000.00 and infinite co-signed guilt. I pay a few dollars for when my mother, bless her heart ❤️, can afford it. I’m actually ok with this arrangement most of the time and see a therapist weekly. Stay in school!

READER VIEW AVAILABLE, PLEASE EMAIL @azmadik {} If SPECIFIC INDIVIDUAL ACCESSIBILITY NEEDED,(my privilege and your right) I got you 😉 this is something i got underpaid for and humiliated because my audits were audited to cover pending litigation and now my tax refund for embarrassing annual salary i was proud to brag to my family about, the work and not financial anything until i couldn’t stomach color pallets that take weeks of testing because my feedback satisfied the algorithms but the green is too acid and this is for a client i can’t know anything about and oh who cares
i google so
Isolated lights #7 art
Beans in my cup

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