Author: gråßhüpfēr

b. 1985


photography is the fragility of time and space in infinite nuances of light.  the scanner moves within its device so to fully document what rests in its bed. time is essential for digital substrate conversion, viewable to the consumer. a flatbed scan is slow and light 💡 is endlessly fascinating. azmadik fotografiks begins here.  As if there…


so, i’m getting requests for authentication for prints made from the digital images i’ve made available under creative commons licensing. thanks, but unless you are willing to send a file with my specifications for the printer you plan on using, i’m afraid 😱 i cannot authenticate the print. please, continue to feel free to print…


i bet, most people could make their own goddam website, with very little effort or time. or money. saturation of freaking blogs with redundant bloggers telling you how much you need to watch their 24-part tutorial and denounce wordpress during whatever sacrifice of your firstborn panera-catered monstrosity they got your response see-voodoo-play slip-up commitment, you’re…

late bloomer

dear diary, i had one of those aha moments again. i know what you’re thinking but i might actually follow through with this one. no self sabotage and heck the avoidant personality disorder. more to come but the archives will soon be open, +source so free.